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Node XYZ is a NodeJS toolkit for creating microservice based distributed applications. The main aim of XYZ is to cover following aspects of microservice architecture:

  • Service discovery and Communication: XYZ provides an easy Path based identification for services that each host is exposing. This ensures flexible messaging infrastructure. Consequently, XYZ systems are Soft and can act as you wish when it comes to accepting new hosts to the system.

  • Deployment and Development: XYZ provides a handy command line interface, using which you can easily test your microservices locally, deploy them and monitor them.

  • Infinite Scalability: Configurations are the last key component to ensure that XYZ will commensurate with whatever requirements your system might have. That is to say, XYZ will not enforce any application dependent configuration, instead, it will provide only a default behavior (as a fallback) for it and enables you to easily override this default behavior.

XYZ introduction demo

Getting Started with Node XYZ

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